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VIRTUS TRAINING for Volunteers

All Academy Volunteers must complete online VIRTUS Training and submit a certificate of completion to the main office.


  • Go to 

  •  On the left-hand side, click “First Time Registrant” 

  • Click “Begin the registration process” 

  • Select “Hartford, CT from the drop-down menu 

  • On the next page, click “NO” when it asks if you’ve registered before 

  • Create a Username and Password on the next page 

  •  Fill in the information on the next page 

  • Select the parish/school where you will be volunteering/employed from the drop down menu, select your role, and enter your Title/Function down at the bottom 

  •  On the next page, add another location if you are at multiple parishes/schools. If not, select “NO” 

  •  Answer the questions on the following page 

  •  On the next page, click “NO” when it asks if you’ve previously attended a session 

  •  Select which online training to complete (English or Spanish) 

  •  Please complete the training in one sitting without trying to jump ahead… it takes about an hour and a half. If you try to fast forward and “skip” the videos, it will mark you as not completing the training and you will have to register all over again If you begin the training but then log off, you will also have to register all over again 

  • Please make sure to send a copy of your certificate to the school office 

Background Check

All volunteers must agree to a background check - please download the release form, complete and return to the main office at the Academy

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