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Academy Curriculum

St. John Paul the Great Academy is the only multi-age STREAM Academy in the Northwest corner of CT. Beginning as early as Pre-K 3, our educators teach our Pre-K through middle school students real world applications and life-long skills. In our liberal arts curriculum, the subjects are coordinated to support each other under an instructional framework highlighting how science, technology, religion, engineering, language arts, and mathematics all connect in the real world. 

The STREAM Framework helps to develop critical thinkers and future leaders through the integration of Religion. It encourages a climate of innovation through faith and interdisciplinary instruction. It allows students to meet their goals through problem-solving, group collaboration and independent research in a progressive and creative learning environment.

Our STREAM Academy supports:


  • People not Programs

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

  • Rigorous Math, Language Arts and Science Courses

  • Engineering Skills

  • Computer Science &Technology

  • Physics

  • Research

  • Understanding real-world impacts

  • Analyzing data & Higher Order Thinking (HOT)

  • Making sense of problems and persevering in solving them

  • Reasoning abstractly and quantitatively

  • Constructing viable arguments and critiquing reasoning of others

  • Model with mathematics

  • Using appropriate tools strategically

  • Looking for and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning

  • Asking questions & defining problems

  • Developing & carrying out investigations

  • Analyzing & interpreting data

  • Using mathematics and computational thinking

  • Constructing explanations & computational thinking

  • Constructing explanations & designing solutions

  • Engaging in argument from evidence

  • Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information

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