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Fall Family Fun Day.png

Fall Family Fun Day

Sunday, October 16th from 11am-2pm

Ruwet Farm / East Pearl Farm


Academy students and families are welcome to drop-in at Ruwet Farm's Berry Scary Acres on October 16th between 11am and 2pm to enjoy pumpkin picking, a haunted house, food, and all that Berry Scary Acres has to offer.


Ruwet's is offering a SPECIAL admission and snack package for this exclusive event! You can pick from the following pay-options when you get there. Prices are applicable for students and caregivers. Additional attendees (like grandparents, siblings not in school, or friends) will pay the $3.00 admission fee plus food, if they choose to eat:


Package per person options: 


1.Package One: Snack of popcorn, s’more or homemade ice cream sandwich with soda or water. Price $9

2. Package Two: Hot dog or salt potatoes with soda or water. Price $11

3. Package Three: Fried dough or fried mac & cheese balls with soda or water. Price $13


All packages also include admission to:


•          Haunted house

•          Corn maze

•          Games

•          Sunflower walk (if available at the time of event)   

•          Sling Shot challenge

•          Special price per pumpkin is $.80 per pound! 

•          PLUS! Mining sluice is available and pricing will be $5-$12 range based on the treasure bag they choose. Bags will include gemstones, emeralds, fossils & arrowheads.


We ask you to register in advance and select your option so we can give Ruwet's a head-count.  Please remember that families are responsible for paying for this event when they arrive at the farm.


You may change your choice when you arrive. We're simply trying to get a rough estimate. 


This is a drop-in event, so coordinate with your school friends and visit as a group whenever it's convenient for you between 11 and 2!


Register here:

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