St. John Paul the Great Academy is a dynamic multi-age STREAM school rooted in faith,

service and academic excellence where Pre-K to Middle School students are challenged

and inspired to become collaborators, critical thinkers, future leaders and global citizens.

Why Choose our Academy for Your Child?

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We are no ordinary school. As one of three STREAM academies of the Archdiocese of Hartford, we are proud to be the only STREAM school in Northwest Connecticut.  We have opened the doors to a whole new world for our children of tomorrow. Our Academy boasts innovative programs in the arts, science,

and music and a stellar academic program designed to suit  each student's learning style and pace. Students are challenged academically, inspired artistically, and enlightened spiritually in a

stimulating environment nurtured in the Roman Catholic faith. 


Rev. Emmanuel Ihemedu, Ph.D., Pastor, St. John Paul the Great Parish

EVERY Child is Welcome!

Offering a "Just" Tuition Model

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At. St. John Paul the Great Academy we believe every child deserves
a great education, one steeped in the Catholic virtues we all love.
Our children are the stewards of our future, and we need to usher them
into the world armed with knowledge, fortitude and faith.


"Just" Tuition means we base your tuition on your income. 
Ask us how we can help your children become students at our Academy,
and what other financial relief programs we have available.
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